Let us help you to get paid in Africa!

Sell Online

When you’re looking for the best possible payment gateway for your customers, look no further than Badala. With its simple API, advanced security methods and fraud management tools, Badala Gateway has emerged as a top choice for our merchants and suppliers throughout Africa. With Badala’s secure payment gateway, your customers can make quick, efficient payments in less than 5 minutes.


B2B Pay

B2B Payments to bank accounts or mobile wallets are quite hectic and expensive in Africa. But we make it so easy, fun and no-hidden-costs along the way. Send Money to partners' bank accounts in 10 minutes and not only save money and time but you can now focus on more important issues of building your business.


QR Code P.O.S

We understand how expensive it is to invest in point of sale equipment, the risks that entail the implementation and maintance cost. Well, our goal is to help you grow your revenues and business; so we offer you a digital, cheap and fast option to sell online and physical goods using our QRCode POS option. Payments take less than 3minutes and both of you save time; you and your precious customer.


Escrow (Coming soon)

Coming soon, our Escrow Service allows you to sell a pair of shoes to Nigeria whilst you are in Namibia or a book to Italy whilst in Gambia. We want you to feel safe doing business and have peaceful nights. Satisfy customers and leav them smiling!


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An easy payment gateway is like a great song to your customers...

Classical, soulful & addictive!

Other functionalities?

Badala helps you to access over 85% of Africa's population who do not use bank cards or are just unbanked.
We help you reach 42 African countries, over 450m people who may want your product or service online.

Digital Wallet

Badala's wallet helps you to manage revenue you recieve online and for your customers to pay you.

Withdraw Money

You can withdraw the money you received through a bank transfer, mobile wallet or as Bitcoins.

Send Money

You can send money as an individual to any Badala member or to anyone's mobile wallet in Africa.

Request Payments

Request payments from customers' mobile wallet or their Badala wallet account.

SMS Notifications

Free sms messages allow you to keep abreast of all operations in your wallet, from sales to withdrawals.

Support 24/7

Polite and qualified support staff are ready to resolve any of your questions or problems.

What Makes Badala Awesome

Badala is not a just a payment gateway, its an opportunity to grow your business, to increase revenue and retain clients.
Our mission is to help you to access the fastest growing market in the world, the African market.


Badala will help your customers to pay you from anywhere and anytime without any hussle.


With the rise online fraud, Badala is a secure gateway and gives peace to your clients.


Badala isn't rocket science, its very easy to use for both you and your customers.

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